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Premise. Beginning roughly ten years before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, the show sees the Klingon houses become united in a war with the United Federation of Planets that heavily involves the crew of the USS Discovery (NCC-1031). In the second season, after the war has ended, Discovery investigates seven mysterious signals and a strange figure known as the Red Angel The USS Discovery (NCC-1031) was a Federation starship, a Crossfield-class science vessel in Starfleet service in the mid-23rd century. Discovery was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards. Command was given to Captain Gabriel Lorca who, unbeknownst to Starfleet Command, was in fact a Terran from the mirror universe and sought to use the ship to return to his universe. (DSC episodes.

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Die USS Discovery (NCC-1031), von ihrer Besatzung kurz Disco genannt, ist ein experimentelles Wissenschaftsschiff der Crossfield-Klasse der Föderation aus dem 23. Jahrhundert. Sie steht im Jahr 2256 unter dem Befehl von Captain Gabriel Lorca. Auf ihr werden Experimente mit einem experimentellen Pilzsporen-Antrieb durchgeführt, welche es ermöglichen sollen, dass das Schiff ohne Zeitverlust. The U.S.S. Discovery is a Crossfield-class vessel active in 2256. It was a test bed for the experimental spore drive during the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-57. USS Discovery at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki. USS Discovery at Memory Beta, the non-canon Star Trek Wiki USS Discovery (NCC-74749) For mirror universe starship, see ISS Discovery (NCC-74749). The USS Discovery (NCC-74749) was a Nebulas-class Starship in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century. The Discovery was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2270 and was placed under the command of Commodore Martha Mcbeath. The Discovery is known to be one the finest ships with one of the. The USS Discovery (NCC-1031) was a 23rd century Federation Crossfield-class starship operated by Starfleet, under the command of Captain Gabriel Lorca. Discovery was launched into service from the San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth. Its motto was All things can be understood once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. (DIS episodes: Context Is for Kings, Magic to Make the.

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  1. Pe fundalul războiului rece dintre Federația Unită a Planetelor și klingonieni serialul prezintă echipajul navei spațiale USS Discovery și misiunile sale. Are loc cu un deceniu înainte de evenimentele din Star Trek: Seria originală, separat față de cronologia din noua serie de filme care este produsă începând cu 2009
  2. A Star Trek: Discovery egy jelenleg futó amerikai televíziós sorozat, melynek alkotói Bryan Fuller és Alex Kurtzman.Ez az első Star Trek sorozat a 2005-ben véget ért Star Trek: Enterprise után. Az eredeti Star Trek sorozat előtt egy évtizeddel játszódik, és a klingonok és a Föderáció közti háború eseményeit mutatja be egy kísérleti hajtóműtechnológiát tanulmányozó.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie und die sechste Realfilm-Fernsehserie, die im fiktiven Star-Trek-Universum spielt. In der auch mit DSC abgekürzten Serie geht es um das titelgebende Sternenflottenraumschiff Discovery.. Die Pilotepisode strahlte der US-Fernsehsender CBS am 24. September 2017 erstmals aus, die folgenden Episoden erscheinen wiederum.

Star Trek Discovery S01 E15 final scene. The USS Discovery picks up a priority one distress call from none other than the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 The USS Discovery (NCC-71021) was a 24th century Federation Galaxy-class Starship operated by Starfleet. The vessel became famous after completing a seven year (2370-2377) mission in the Gamma Quadrant, the first successful exploration of that quadrant by the Federation. Discovery was destroyed during the Battle of Altamid IV in 2378 Die USS Discovery ist ein Raumschiff der Crossfield-Klasse innerhalb der Vereinigten Föderation der Planeten und dient als experimentelles Forschungsschiff der Sternenflotte. Es spielt eine Schlüsselrolle im Föderal-Klingonischen Krieg, der 2256 ausbricht. Die USS Discovery wird um das Jahr 2255 in den aktiven Dienst gestellt. Das Schiff ist der nominelle Nachfolger des NX-Klasse.

Discovery's first two seasons were set roughly 10 years before the original Star Trek, but with season 3 the crew of the USS Discovery are traveling some 930 years into their future to the year. On March 30, 1944, the Grayback, one of the most successful submarines of World War II, was reported lost The USS Discovery (NX-04) was a 22 nd century United Earth starship operated by Earth's Starfleet, the predecessor to the Federation Starfleet serving the United Federation of Planets in the 24 th century. The USS Discovery was the fourth of Earth's NX class starships, commissioned in 2155.. Maya of Vulcan volunteered to be the Discovery's physician when the Earth/Romulan War started in.

USS Discovery From Star Trek - Star Trek - USS Discovery - Download Free 3D model by Wholock (@wholock) [af03b42 © 2018 CBS Interactive http://www.cbs.com/shows/star-trek-discovery/ Netflix Official Website https://www.netflix.com/ro-en/title/80126024 ™ & © 2018 CBS Stu..

The United States Spacecraft Discovery One is a fictional spaceship featured in the first two novels of the Space Odyssey series by Arthur C. Clarke and in the films 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) directed by Stanley Kubrick and 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) directed by Peter Hyams.The ship is a nuclear-powered interplanetary spaceship, crewed by two men and controlled by the AI on-board. The USS Discovery was an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine that was deployed during the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005. Ohio-class ships are the largest submarines built for the United States Navy. They are also known as the 726 Class or Trident Class, after the payload it delivers, which is 24 Trident I C4 or Trident II D5 ballistic missiles. Other armaments are 4 Midship 21(53cm) torpedo. In the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, Such Sweet Sorrow, (read our review here) the show finally revealed the full interior of the new, redesigned -- yet old! -- USS Enterprise. And. The design is likely to change as the creators of Star Trek: Discovery make changes to the ship's design. - Star Trek - USS Discovery NCC-1031 - Download Free 3D model by supercass (@supercass) [a168f80

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USS Discovery es una nave de ficción del universo Star Trek [1] . Pertenece a la Flota Estelar de la Federación Unida de Planetas de la serie televisiva Star Trek: Discovery [2] , que comenzó a exhibirse en la cadena CBS en el año 2018 [ And the name of the newest Star Trek television series is...Star Trek: Discovery, with the show's hero ship called the U.S.S. Discovery (NCC-1031).Executive Producer Bryan Fuller revealed the details and debuted the logo today during a standing-room-only Star Trek 50th Anniversary panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Fuller -- who in the early morning served fans in line donuts and. Personalized Advertising. These technologies are used for things like personalized ads. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information the U.S.S.ディスカバリー(U.S.S.Discovery)はSFドラマ『スタートレック』シリーズのTVシリーズ、『スタートレック:ディスカバリー』(Star Trek:Discovery)に登場する宇宙船である Size of USS Discovery. I've seen some figures thrown around about the length of the ship, but those numbers mostly seem to be based on the number given in the (non-canon) paperwork that comes along with the Eaglemoss model. The number most often cited is 780.5 meters in length. Compared to the length of a Constitution class ship, given in the.

The USS Discovery is a Star Trek and Science Fiction fan club, located in St. Louis, Missouri. The USS Discovery has been active since 1984 in both social activities and community service. Website is under re-development Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Uss Discovery GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY

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The discovery is a reminder of the vessel's storied past.The eighth American ship to bear its name, the aircraft carrier was the place where U.S. Army planes flew from a U.S. Navy carrier for. The USS Discovery, in 2007.. The USS Discovery KSNM-3* was a dummy oil tanker used to secretly transport the first Metal Gear RAY prototype for offshore testing. Besides this, it was also a training tanker. It was run by a computer, so it required relatively little manpower for it to be used The following deck plans were designed and created by Roman Gitlarz, Discovery's Commanding Officer. The blueprints were formatted by using the external views of the official Insignia-Class Starship created by Mark Kingsnorth as well as descriptions of the interior supplied by writers of the USS Discovery RPG. They are meant to serve as an official plan for the major areas of the ship and. Details about EAGLEMOSS STAR TREK DISCOVERY USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 STARSHIP ISSUE #12 + PIN. 1 viewed per hour. EAGLEMOSS STAR TREK DISCOVERY USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 STARSHIP ISSUE #12 + PIN. Item Information. Condition: New. Price: US $59.99

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USS Discovery Design of the Insignia-class vessel series began in the late 24th century. It's original purpose was to provide a more versatile and easily produced design than that of the (then current) Galaxy-class mainline vessels, while also addressing the sub-space damage caused by warp technology História. A USS Discovery foi construída nos estaleiros de São Francisco na Terra.. Após o rompimento da guerra Federação-Klingon em 2256, a USS Discovery e sua nave-irmã a USS Glenn foram encarregados pela Frota Estelar de, secretamente, desenvolver um novo tipo de propulsão que lhes permitiria viajar instantaneamente a qualquer ponto do universo, chamada de Motor de Esporos USS Discovery would definitely win 4 vote(s) 4.0% USS Discovery would probably win 7 vote(s) 7.0% Leaning toward USS Discovery 8 vote(s) 8.0% Leaning toward USS Enterprise 16 vote(s) 16.0% USS Enterprise would probably win 12 vote(s) 12.0% USS Enterprise would definitely win.

Star Trek: Discovery (TV Series 2017- ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Since the USS Discovery was designated as a science vessel, and it includes that experimental spore drive system, it is the source of some seriously intense research. A lot of that research is top secret and fairly dangerous, so the ship is equipped with a seriously intense security system that goes beyond any Starfleet protocol requirements The USS Discovery (NCC-62049) was a Federation starship of the Nebula-class. Commissioned in 2364. Later, in 2366 the Discovery began the first-leg of an extended-length Exploratory Science mission, originating from Utopia Planitia, and making for a volatile region of space in the Fries-Posnikoff sector, known only as 'The Maelstrom'.. Andrew Fisher served aboard the Discovery from 2366 to. The U.S.S. Discovery is a Crossfield-class starship operated by Starfleet and commanded by Captain Gabriel Lorca. The U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 model comes with an exclusive collector's magazine featuring details about the vessel and its design, along with a breakdown of the technology on board. The model is die-cast, hand-painted with intricate detail using references from CBS Studios's own.

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Discovery of USS Peary propeller proves ship was 'a sitting duck' in Darwin Bombing. ABC Radio Darwin / By Conor Byrne. Posted 6 m minutes ago Wed Wednesday 8 Jul July 2020 at 11:30pm,. USS DISCOVERY, SECTION ** for Space Engineers. Released Apr 24th, 2020. Ranked 2,625 of 30,522 with 89 (0 today) downloads. Published by TORGMASTER (mod ID: 113317) Description. Subscribe to install 43. Positive. 3. 0 Share. View. BRYAN FULLER: There are so many reasons why we settled on Discovery. But the chief one amongst them was that I couldn't think of a more Star Trek-themed name for a ship than Discovery. (Source — Introducing the USS Discovery, Official Star Trek Web Site) So it seems that Discovery captures the main themes of Star Trek, at least to Fuller Round2 has released models of the USS Discovery, Captain Georgiou's ship the USS Shenzou, and Pike's Enterprise in relatively small 1/2500 versions but the popularity of Pike and the prospect.

Section 31 (S31) Operations and Deployments aboard USS Discovery (NCC-1031) 2256 - 2257, Operation aboard USS Discovery are currently CLASSIFIED A full scale recreation of the USS Discovery from Star Trek Discovery. A huge thanks to HiccupVsGaming for the Enterprise shell used in the size comparison. Built by hand (with World Edit help). Only has an exterior with minimal detail, no interior except for the bridge. Can be found on the Minetrek.net server

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  1. Star Trek : Discovery [1] est une série télévisée américaine de science-fiction créée par Bryan Fuller et Alex Kurtzman.C'est la 6 e série en prise de vue réelle de l'univers Star Trek, la précédente, Star Trek: Enterprise, ayant cessé en 2005.Elle se passe une dizaine d'années avant la série originale et introduit de nouveaux personnages, qui ne sont pas liés au film de 2016.
  2. Recommend Reading: StarTrek.com — FIRST LOOK: Discovery & Shenzhou Studio-Scale Models (February 12, 2018) Star Trek ™ created a generation of fans by inspiring their imagination for technology's future. From the Original Series to Discovery, the starships and their tech have been just as pivotal to the story as each series' memorable characters were
  3. The USS Discovery (NCC-31929-A) was an Akira-class Starfleet vessel assigned to Starbase 118 after the destruction of the previous vessel of the same name. The vessel was destroyed by a Romulan attack upon the starbase, as Discovery assisted in defence. (UFOP: StarBase 118) External link USS Discovery-A on 118wiki STARSHIP Name: USS Discovery Registry: NCC-31929-A Class: Akira Type: Heavy.

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  1. USS Discovery space dock. Just For Fun. USS Division of Usx. Business Service. USS Division of Usx Corporation. Commercial & Industrial. USS Dolphin. History Museum. USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) Boat/Ferry Company. USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) Boat/Ferry Company. USS Drum. Landmark & Historical Place
  2. Should the crew of the USS Discovery emerge from the timehole in orbit above Terralysium in the Beta Quadrant, 51,000 light-years from Earth, they should still be able to return to Earth using the.
  3. star trek uss discovery ncc 1031 Published 2018-07-09T14:04:16+00:00. Rafael Lacerda @RafaelLacerda. 11 Followers. Send Message to RafaelLacerda. Please enter the code belo
  4. Discovery is a prequel to the original Star Trek, set roughly 10 years before Captain Kirk and his crew took over the USS Enterprise and boldly went where no man had gone before. It stars Sonequa.
  5. In Federation lore, the Discovery, under the command of Captain Gabriel Lorca, was a 23rd century Crossfield-class science vessel converted into a warship at the outbreak of the Federation-Klingon War.Its 15 decks could accommodate a crew of 136, but its most significant component was the experimental spore drive propulsion system that allowed it to travel 90 light years in just 1.3 seconds
  6. U.S.S Discovery for Space Engineers. Released May 25th, 2020. Ranked 17,354 of 30,394 with 6 (0 today) downloads. Published by SnaffleToad (mod ID: 126276) Description. Subscribe to install 4. Unrated. 0. 0 Share. View all by SnaffleToad · Blueprint, Large_Grid items. Explore more items. U.S.S Discovery. Blueprint Large_Grid. Releases.
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The Discovery Lock Box is a lockbox containing one of several predefined items listed below. It was available from January 23rd, 2018 to April 3rd, 2018 on PC, and from March 6th, 2018 to May 22nd, 2018 on Console. During special promotional events Infinity Lock Boxes become available.. There is a random chance to receive one Discovery Lock Box as a regular loot drop This item: Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Collection #2: USS Discovery NCC-1031 Ship Replica $40.00. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Hair Care Expo. Star Trek: Discovery - USS Shenzhou, NCC-1227 model with magazine $41.19. In Stock The Theory: The USS Discovery is a Section 31 ship. Perhaps the most popular current fan theory is that the USS Discovery is more than just a prototype science vessel, but is actually part the.

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The USS Defiant referenced in this new Discovery episode is not the ship from Deep Space Nine, and for the uninitiated, it does have a slightly confusing history in the Trek canon USS Discovery and USS Glenn were equipped with a revolutionary spore drive that could take the ships to remote regions of space almost instantly. The ship goes to black alert when this drive is being activated, upon which the two outer rings of the saucer hull spin in opposite directions. After the loss of the Glenn, the Discovery is the only. The Akira Class USS Discovery, NCC-31929, was launched on Stardate 238006.06.Commanded by Commander Steve McCall, the ship served as the lead support vessel for StarBase 118. On her shakedown cruise, she was attacked by a Romulan Warbird and slightly damaged Places Directory Results for USS Battle Creek - USS Discovery. USS Battle Creek. Organization. USS Battleship. State Park. USS Battleship New Jersey. Local Business. USS Battleship North Carolina. Local Business. USS Bayfield Veterans Group. Business Service. USS Becuna. History Museum. USS Becuna. Community Museum. USS Becuna (AGSS-319 For instance, the USS Discovery could have used its spore drive to return to Sector 001 — not necessarily Earth, but, say, Alpha Centauri — where Starfleet had managed to muster 15 starships.

The U.S.S. Nevada survived Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Okinawa, and two nuclear tests—but the recent discovery of its wreckage raises new questions about what ultimately brought it down Get the best deals for uss discovery 2001 at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items The wreck of World War II submarine USS Grayback has been discovered off Japan 75 years after its sinking by a Japanese bomber. The submarine was found on June 5, by the Lost 52 Project, which. Discovery (then Discovery 1 or Discovery I, when determined that a second one was needed), was a manned American spacecraft designed specifically for Project Jupiter in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey and the film adaption. Discovery was named after Captain Robert Scott's ship, Discovery, launched in 1901

The discovery of the propellers gives reason to believe this hit caused a large section of the stern to break away from the ship, including the propellers, causing USS Peary to drift completely disabled on the rapidly moving outgoing tide as it continued to take hits from enemy bombs, before eventually sinking The USS Discovery NCC 1031 from the new show coming out in May 2017 Star Trek Discovery Credits too MinecraftTrekkie for creating the original template model without him the ship wouldnt exist his youtube Subscribe too the other members of the build team working on this project Me HiccupVSGaming.. NEW YORK, NY: November 11, 2019 - Veteran ocean explorer and Tiburon Subsea CEO Tim Taylor along with his Lost 52 Project team have discovered the WWII Submarine USS Grayback (SS-208) in Japanese waters. The US Navy officially verified the discovery of Grayback which was made on June 5th, 2019 at a depth of 435 meters (1427 feet)

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Star Trek: Discovery è la sesta serie televisiva ambientata nell'universo fantascientifico di Star Trek (la settima, considerando anche la serie animata), ideata da Bryan Fuller e Alex Kurtzman per CBS All Access.Si tratta della prima serie del franchise di Star Trek dopo la conclusione di Star Trek: Enterprise nel 2005. Ambientata dieci anni prima degli eventi della serie originale di Star. The USS Discovery was a Crossfield class science vessel active during the 23rd century in service of the United federation of planets starfleet. It was capable of maintaing over 300 seperate scientific operations at once. It was captained by the enigmatic captain Gabriel Lorca. It became involved in the conflict with the Reunited Klingon Empire started inadvertently by Commander Michael.

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USS Discovery / Silver 1 28LP / 30W 23L Win Ratio 57% / Zyra - 18W 9L Win Ratio 67%, Janna - 9W 5L Win Ratio 64%, Karma - 3W 3L Win Ratio 50%, Nautilus - 1W 2L Win Ratio 33%, Lulu - 1W 1L Win Ratio 50 The events of Season 2 saw the USS Discovery travel to the 32nd century, more than 900 years in the future. Upon arriving on a mysterious planet science specialist Michael Burham (Sonequa Martin. The USS Discovery was a PBeM game and the predecessor of a collaborative fan-fiction story.. History. The USS Discovery was created on October 1, 2003, by William Eastwood, in order to absorb simmers from the USS Callisto after Nova Fleet disbanded. It absorbed Lydia Ilanov and Wesley Hutton from the USS Sunfire-B, after efforts by Ashla Bogan to create a USS Starfire sim, and then a USS.

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These are the Voyages of the Starship Discovery. Personal Log Stardate... Memory Alph Star Trek USS DISCOVERY 1:2500 Scale Model Kit by Polar Lights -NEW! From the new Star Trek series, the USS Discovery is almost 12 inches longMore De The primary support vessel of the StarBase 118 Ops crew during the command of Captain Tyr Waltas was the Akira class USS Discovery-A.Like her predecessor, the Discovery-A was the protector of Starbase 118 and a multi-role craft.. The Discovery-A was destroyed after the Romulan incursion at StarBase 118

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